Mary Jane Brownies

Why Choose Mary Jane Brownies?

Mary Jane -

Because Mary Jane bakes fresh-from-the-oven brownies just for you, pulling out her pans as soon as she hears you placed an order.

Organic -

Mary Jane thinks you're cool and that you deserve her best, so she blends- premium, organic cocoa with all-natural and organic ingredients. She buys local when possible and always uses products made in the U.S.

Fresh -

Because Mary Jane uses the highest-quality ingredients, your brownies are the freshest, right from the start. To keep them that way, we wrap each individually, package them in a kraft box and send them on their way shortly after they are baked.

Green -

Freshness is important to us and so is the earth! So each Mary Jane Brownie is individually wrapped in a certified biodegradable, compostable wrap that is made carbon zero.

Giving -

Mary Jane Brownies are a gift you'll be proud to give, although you might be a little envious of the recipient. Choose from any of the three unique box wraps and provide your custom message.

Value -

Each dense and delicious brownie measures approximately 3x3 – large enough to satisfy your munchies, and then some! Worth every penny.

Too good to be legal -

...but they are. Mary Jane Brownies do NOT contain illegal substances...just in case you were wondering.

So what are you waiting for? Order a box and feel your groovy coming back!